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My first Utah Wedding

I made the move to Utah and brought the trend of live painting with me! I'm so excited to share my love of art to the Utah community in such a unique and intimate way.

Your Temple, Your Flowers

Moving to Utah I thought that I would encounter many people who were getting sealed in an LDS temple and having a small reception afterwards. I designed a special offer for couples in this situation. Having a painting of the temple you were sealed in on your wall is a special reminder of the promises you made that day. Having a painting of your temple that is customized and includes your bridal bouquet is even better. How about a painting of your temple with your bouquet that was actually painted on your wedding day at your reception! It doesn't get more personal than that. What a wonderful way to immortalize your bridal bouquet forever also.

THe Process

Because the reception is usually shorter after a temple sealing, I usually prepare the canvas before the wedding day. Working from a photo, I get the basic structure of the temple painted. Then at the reception, I set up my easel and canvas with the bride's bouquet nearby so I can reference the flowers as I paint. While the guests are waiting to congratulate the happy couple, they get to watch the painting being finished right there before their eyes. I am usually able to finish the night of the wedding and send it home with the couple along with all their other gifts they received that night. If the painting doesn't get finished at the reception, I take the painting home to my studio and finish it and deliver it to the couple later.

Live Painting as a gift

A live painting of a temple makes a great gift too. A temple and bouquet painting can be given as an anniversary gift as well. I can put the painting together with a photo of the bouquet, or even just a list of the couple's favorite flowers

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